A very unusual band

What happens to us is not quite common. Being two musicians, nobody would expect that one of them, Jesus Barriuso (on the left hand side of the picture) lives in Madrid, Spain, while the other one, Pedro Chazarra (on the right), is based in Bogota, Colombia. With a distance of almost 5,000 miles, nobody would think of creating a band. Isn’t it quite crazy?

This particular feature, together with our tireless and timeless interest about any kind of music, is our brand: we try to come up with very different sounds, always from a pop/rock perspective, but always keeping a very personal and particular style, which has been growing for more than three years.

Many media in Spain, Colombia, United Kingdom and the United States believed in our project so far. We mention El Mundo de Tulsa, Poplacara, Radio Sabadell, Radiónica, Lonely Oak Radio, Middle Tennessee M

Jesús Barriuso

He was born in Madrid, Spain, on the 5th of August, 1973. He started playing with the piano when he was 9 years old, and he had the luck to grow in an environment where music was all around, from English baroque to the sound of The Beatles or Queen.
Since then Jesus grew as interpreter, composer and lately as producer as well. He joined several projects as a composer of piano and orchestra.

He thinks that music is a common language, with different appearances but same core. His influences come from everywhere, from Bach and Beethoven to Aerosmith and The Doors, Scriabin, Vinicius, Chopin, Supertramp and many, many others.
Jesus loves true and honest music in any shape and size, and that is what he is trying to achieve in the sound of Less Than a Billion People.

He met Pedro Chazarra while he lived in Managua, Nicaragua. Today he considers that he is lucky enough to continue being a member of this singular and fascinating project called Less Than a Billion People.

Pedro Chazarra

Born in Murcia, Spain, on July 13 1966, Pedro lived as an expat for fifteen years in the Philippines, Nicaragua and Colombia.

“My slogan is that life without music would be something else. I can´t stop discovering new music every day, while listening to my classics: The Beatles, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel, Oasis or Blur in the white side of my personal tastes, together with Prince, Miles Davis and George Clinton in my black and funky side”.

“This new album by Less Than a Billion People makes me very happy. Continuing with our absolutely independent approach, we’ve done what we wanted, and I think that this time we made it. I hope not to be wrong, our listeners will tell us”.

“Creating a song between two authors is challenging, but in our case this process works as the engine of a racing car. It is so wonderful to start with an embryonic idea that came up from an acoustic guitar, and end up with a finished song. And if people likes the song, it is an unrivalled experience”.

“I dedicate this album to Silvia, as everything I did in my life”.